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 Donation Rules

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PostSubject: Donation Rules   Wed Aug 03, 2011 8:47 pm

When donating you agree to the following rules!

1. Items given to you after donating are acts of kindness for your donation.
2. Donations are used for supporting the server.
3. You have no right to charge back for any reason. If you do refund you will get banned.
4. JurassicStory does not give out any refunds.
5. If you do not agree to our donation rules, you will be rejected.

This list can be updated at any time.

When donating for GM you agree to the following rules!

1. You can not charge back or you will be banned.
2. You get 1 week to show that you are appropriate for the job.
3. If you were failed, you will receive 50% back.
4. If you abuse your powers after being warned you will be demoted with no refunds at all.
5. You are donating for GM position so you get to help out the community.
6. You will follow anything a higher GM ranked member tells you to do.

This list can be updated at any time.

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Donation Rules
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