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 Bingo!!~~ :D

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PostSubject: Bingo!!~~ :D   Thu Aug 04, 2011 2:10 pm

THIS IS MY FAVORITE EVENT! Omg okay haha. Bingo is all base on how lucky you are at guessing.

This event takes a very long time, maybe and hour or 2, if there are a lot of people so make sure you have a lot of time. If not then we suggest that you do not play, but you may if you want.

Before we can begin bingo, everyone will need to stand on a platform and there will be only ONE person per platform.
(If you were at the platform first and others will not move then they will be warped out of the event.)

The host of the event will pick a number between 1-100 without telling anyone.

Then she/he will start with one person and ask them to pick a number between 1-100. If they pick the correct number then it will be a bingo and they lose the game.
But if you pick a number, that's not the number that the host picked, then you are safe and the host will continue on with the next person.

This will continue on until someone gets a bingo and once someone gets a bingo then the host will pick a new number and start over with 1-100.


1. Only one person per platform.

2. Do not yell out numbers when its not your turn.

3. You can only pick 1 number when its your turn.

4. You may watch the event if you lose but you will have to stand where the GM/host tells you to stand.

5. Do not move around and changing platforms once you are assigned a spot unless you are told to move.

6. Do not use any skills but haste.

7. Usually there are 3 winners but it is up to the host to decide how many winners there are.

Besides this, this event is really a lot of fun, it may not sound like it, but it is. So just enjoy and ask any questions you may have. Smile
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Bingo!!~~ :D
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