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 Staff Application Format!

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PostSubject: Staff Application Format!   Wed Aug 03, 2011 5:50 pm

In order to apply for this position, please fill out the following format and make a new thread with your answers.

Please follow this format completely or you will be rejected.

You must play the server for at least 1 month before posting your application. If you haven't reached the requirements don't even bother posting. Also, do not beg your peers to read your application.

Peers that are reading your application I would advise them to criticize your application so you can improve on it. Anything that is against the rules will be deleted!

Important: The owner and other GMs that have been appointed will be reading your application. If your first post is in the GM app then you will be rejected immediately. It just shows us that you have no dedication to the server and a opportunist who just wants a GM position.






Contact Info: Email, Skype, Msn, Aim, etc.

Position you are applying for:

Experience: If you were a GM in another server please posts pictures. If you don't have pictures don't even bother saying you were one. It's not that important.

How long have you played JurassicStory for?

Why should you be a GM?

Whats unique about yourself?

Are you mature enough for the job?

What would benefit JurassicStory if you were a GM?

Any last words?

*note not following this format may contribute negatively to your chances of being chosen.
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Staff Application Format!
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