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 RR: Russian Roulette

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PostSubject: RR: Russian Roulette   Wed Aug 03, 2011 7:50 pm

Russian Roulette is a event base on luck.

There will be platforms that are either labeled with a number or Letter.

A GM will be hidden while standing on one of the platforms without telling anyone.

When the GM is ready, they will give you a certain amount of time to stand on one of the platforms of your choice.

Then we will kill everyone on the spot (do not press okay) and if you are standing on the platform that the GM is on, you lose and will be ask to leave.

As the players in the event decrease some of the platforms will be canceled out and you will not be allow to stand on them. A GM will summon a monster on the platform to let the players know that you are not allow to stand on it anymore.


1. No using any skills but haste.

2. If you fail to get on a platform before time runs out, you will lose and be asked to leave.

3. Try not to drop anything during event.

4. Do not kill or attack any of the monsters summoned by a GM. You will be kicked out of the event.

5. Don't loot others peoples prize or else you will be jailed till it's given back.

6. There will be 3 winners for this event so do not ask how many winners there will be.

7. The event prize will be listed under Server Basics.

~~ Besides all of these things, its SUPER fun so just enjoy and ask if you have any other questions! Smile ~~
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RR: Russian Roulette
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