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 T/F: Truth or False

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PostSubject: T/F: Truth or False   Wed Aug 03, 2011 8:06 pm

This event is call Truth or False.

For this event we will use the x and o map and everyone will stand in the middle.

The left side (O) is truth and the right side (X) is false. (This is usually how it is but the GM's may switch it up so make sure to listen.)

A GM will ask a maple related question and you will decide if its true or not.

You will be given a certain amount of time to go to a side and if you are on the wrong side of the map then you will lose and be kicked out.

If you are killed by a gm do not press okay unless told too. You will be warped out if you do not stand in the middle at the beginning of the event.


1. If the GM drops a item, do not loot or else you will be jailed and kicked out of the event. (You must return the item dropped)

2. Do not yell out the answer or else you will be kicked out of the event or jailed.

3. Do not use any skills.

4. You are not allow watch the event. If you are not playing, do not stay in the event map.

5. Spelling counts. But capitalization does not count unless said so.

6. There will be 3 winners. Check Server Basics for event prizes.

7. If you fail to get to either one of the side and stays in the middle when the times is up, you will be warped out of the event map.

~~ If you feel like the answer was not fair, game related or if the GM got the wrong answer then please feel free to say something.

It's a really simple and fun event so enjoy it. Smile
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T/F: Truth or False
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